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New Directions

I’m moving on to new things and this code/blog is not one of them. I plan to have everything gone from this site by the end of June. If you want it better get it now.


How to drop a CLR assembly from SQL Server

Lately I have been spending my evening hours developing stored procedures, scalar and table value functions for SQL server in C#.  It’s a definite plus to be able to create all the string functions that are “missing” from TSQL and simply add them in. One of the tasks that might accompany your CLR for SQL Server development is the need to completely remove an assembly from a database on your server. Continue reading

Xml, Zip Files and Downloading from the Web

When I first started programming (on punch cards) I was required to specify my data sources within cryptic JCL statements. These days there is data everywhere you look. Downloading and unzipping data from "the web" was unheard of "way back then" however it is a common programming task these days. This brief example gives you the code necessary to get started. Continue reading

Writing posts from a single WordPress category

A question often asked by WordPress authors is how to write out one or more posts from a single category of posts to a page on their website – preferably using a short code.  While there are a number of individual plugins that address this functionality I submit that you can’t get more bang for the buck than to use the free Kazoo Templated Content plugin. Continue reading

Updated books pages

I’ve updated the books pages to reflect the most popular books being sold by Amazon. Check them out under the books menu. Each page was created using the Kazoo plugin using a small inline template and the wp_feed template tag.

Read and transform csv, fixed, OleDb, and SQL data easily.

Whenever I find myself reading data from fixed width text, csv files, delimited files or other data source I almost always find myself performing data transformation and validation at the same time.

Wouldn’t it would be nice to have a .NET assembly that allowed you to read data from all the usual sources and easily perform complex data transformations at the same time?  Well now you can. Continue reading

An SFTP test server you can run on your desktop

A few months ago I was working on a file transfer client that required SFTP.  I quickly learned that one of the challenges of building an SFTP client is finding an SFTP server you can test your code against.  If you have faced this problem or might be facing this problem in the future then you will want to have a look at TinySSFTP. Continue reading

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